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The following is my SPOILER FREE REVIEW of The Lego Batman Movie

Where do I begin with my love of this film? How do you seamlessly weave decades upon decades of Batman into one fantastic fun-filled CGI romp that is not just a great family movie, but one of the (if not THE) best Batman movies of all time!

There are heart and emotion in this piece where movies like The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises failed miserably. It blends campy ridiculousness with real issues of family and allowing yourself to trust in others. As such, this movie is appealing to both kids and adults alike.

The cast is all-star, and the cameos just keep getting better and better. Once the Phantom Zone is revealed you get universe shattering crossover appeal the likes of which only Lego and their bizarre contracts can make happen.

Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, and Ralph Fiennes KILL IT as the Bat family. Their interactions range from hysterical to heartwarming. Zach Galifianakis tries as The Joker. I just kept saying the entire time “was Mark Hammil busy?” Joker’s role is still vital and awesome, but that’s due more to superior writing than the actual portrayal. Also, Billy Dee Williams is Two-Face. An AMAZING throwback to Tim Burton’s 1989 film!

The DC Comics inclusion is amazing. I never thought I’d see Condiment King on the Big Screen, but there he was! Also, the film is RIPE with Adam West Batman 66 references. Absolutely fantastic for fans of the old series.

In closing, Lego Batman is a movie that you can easily take the entire family to with absolutely no one leaving un-entertained. This silly cartoon gets to the heart of the character in a way even the “great” Christopher Nolan only managed to hit one out of three times. (Batman Begins for those of you not keeping score)

Final Grade: A++


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