The Merlyn Series

Merlyn Cover

Blood Ties
The John Merlyn Saga: Volume One, Book One
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John Merlyn never asked for his bloodline. A supremely powerful sorcerer, he can trace his ancestry back to the times of Arthurian legend…to one figure in particular.
But running from his homeland and destiny proves to be ineffectual as, while living the high life in modern-day Los Angeles, he encounters a horrifying truth. There are monsters everywhere and he cannot sit by and allow them to prey upon the innocent.
After slaying a valued member of an ancient vampire cult, John incurs the wrath of The Elder One, a millennium old vampire lord whose former life as an anointed minister leaves him invulnerable to traditional vampire weaknesses.
John must utilize every ounce of his vast magical knowledge to combat this otherworldly threat and save his new friends and allies from becoming prey to The Elder One’s insatiable hunger.