Jessica Jones Season 2 – No Spoiler Review


Marvel’s Jessica Jones has just released its second season. Because of the wonder and beauty of the Netflix model, it has also completed its second season. I am a huge supporter of Marvel’s Netflix offerings, finding simple joys to be had even in the worst of them. (Looking at you, Iron Fist!)

I was an especially big fan of the first season of Jessica Jones. It was a deeply personal and screwed up story, acted marvelously by an all-star cast.  So, when the second season was announced, I obviously believed that I’d find the same level of quality overall.


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Retro Review: The Lego Batman Movie!

Lego Batman.jpg

The following is my SPOILER FREE REVIEW of The Lego Batman Movie

Where do I begin with my love of this film? How do you seamlessly weave decades upon decades of Batman into one fantastic fun-filled CGI romp that is not just a great family movie, but one of the (if not THE) best Batman movies of all time!

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