Welcome to my world! My name is Kevin J. Kessler and I am a Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy Action Adventure Author!
In this space, I invite you to enter into my imagination, born of a hunger and passion for creativity in all of its forms. I hope to create a space here that encourages discussion, creative brainstorming for fellow writers and artists, as well as a place to exhibit my work.
I am currently signed to a contract with Lavish Publishing LLC. 
I am the author of the Rosinanti Series, a completed fantasy action/adventure steampunk epic of dragons, swords, sorcery, and romance.
The final story in this series, Rosinanti: Rise of The Dragon-Lord, was released in December of 2017!


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From an early age, a passion for creativity and imaginative exploration grabbed me and has yet to let go! From the moment I first learned what a book was and held one in my hands, I knew I wanted to create one.
When I was 15, I began the journey towards the fulfillment of that dream and promised that someday I would stand among the literary world as a creator of fantastical worlds.
My writing centers within the realm of fantasy action adventure. I adore magic, super heroics, and original worlds that know no limits other than my own imagination.
I eagerly await the opportunity to connect with you, the readers, and I hope that you will find enjoyment and entertainment in the stories that I weave!

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