Here’s my Spoiler-Free review of LOGAN.

It’s about an hour too long. Serious plot holes and continued continuity issues abound. I know it’s supposed to be an alternate timeline from the other X Movies but that’s crap and it’s lazy.

All in all, I felt this was another lazy Wolverine movie, but it’s R-Rated with a TON of adult language and GRAPHIC violence. This is Wolverine the way we were always meant to see him. That being said, I think many of the people praising this film are kinda like “Wolverine said Fuck and a little girl stabbed a bunch of dudes a lot.

Haven’t we done “Wolverine’s powers are failing him and he can’t heal right anymore” in The Wolverine?

I was super excited when I realized the Reavers were in this, but I felt like the villains as a whole were less compelling than even a Marvel Studios villain. The final antagonist Logan has to overcome is so painfully lazy and stupid. Should have been Sabretooth. REALLY should have been Deathstrike. Her entire origin is essentially laid out here and the Reavers are her posse but she’s not in it! Don’t you dare give me the “Deathstrike was in X2” argument because if Bryan Singer doesn’t care about continuity why should I!?

It’s good to see that they’re still using iMovie in the not so distant future. That Nurse had some killer editing skills on her hidden cam expose video.

Strongest performances to date in an X Movie from Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman.

All in all a good mindless time at the movies but no real plot and a criminal lack of classic Wolverine elements. That being said it’s definitely the best Wolverine movie to date and probably the 3rd best X Movie.

Overall Score: C-


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